Backyard Chickens: The Beginner’s Guide

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Attention, fellow chicken aficionados! Are you ready to join the clucking masses and add some feathered friends to your backyard? Well, you’re in luck because this series of posts is chock-full of all the information you need to raise happy and healthy backyard chickens that will provide you with delicious eggs for years.

From choosing the perfect breed (we’ll give you the scoop on which ones are egg-stra special) to building a coop that’s fit for a chicken king or queen, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to keep your chickens well-fed and healthy because, let’s face it – nobody wants a sick chicken.

But it’s not all sunshine and egg salad sandwiches. We’ll also cover some of the challenges you might face on your chicken-raising journey and provide solutions to help you navigate them. So don’t be chicken – join the backyard chicken revolution and get ready to experience the joys (and egg-speriences) of chicken ownership!

How to Get the Most Out of this Series About Raising Backyard Chickens.

We recommend reading every chapter to get the most out of this guide. This will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and help you prepare for the exciting journey of raising backyard chickens.

Once you have read everything, we recommend keeping it as a reference guide. As you raise your chickens, you may have questions or encounter challenges. Please refer to the guide for advice in these situations.

Additionally, the guide is organized clearly and concisely, with chapters and sections covering specific topics. This makes it easy to find the information you need quickly.

Let’s get clucking.

Chapter 1: Raising Chickens in Your Backyard. Pros, Cons, Costs

Raising Chickens in Your Backyard. Pros, Cons, Costs

Chapter 1 is an epic adventure into the world of raising chickens! Get ready to discover the joys and challenges of chicken keeping as we explore the pros and cons of having these feathered friends. From fresh eggs and fertilizer to companion animals and economic benefits, you’ll learn why chickens are the new cats and why they’re worth considering for your backyard. We’ll also dive into the legalities of owning chickens and the basics of backyard chicken care. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with fresh eggs, clucking good times, and the occasional rooster crow!

Chapter 2: Chicken Coops. Components, Buying, Building

Chicken Coops. Components, Buying, Building

Chapter 2 of our guide to raising chickens is all about creating a safe and comfortable home for your feathered friends. We’ll dive into the essentials of a chicken coop and run, including important components like nesting boxes, roosts, and ventilation. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of buying a pre-made coop versus building your own, and we’ll provide tips on how to choose the right coop for your needs and budget. Whether you’re building your own coop or ordering one online, this chapter is your ultimate guide to creating a cozy and happy home for your chickens.

Chapter 3: Chicken Breeds for Beginners. Where to Start

Chicken Breeds for Beginners. Where to Start

Unlock the secrets to selecting the ideal chickens for your backyard with Chapter 3. With our guidance, the process of building your backyard poultry posse will be a breeze! From determining your flock’s purpose and selecting the right breed based on their personality, climate hardiness, and egg production, to understanding the different ages of chickens and the pros and cons of various sources for obtaining them, you’ll be ready to pick your feathered friends with confidence. Get ready to dive into the world of chicken breeds, including pure breeds, hybrids, and common breeds, and learn how to make the best choice for your backyard.

Chapter 4: Baby Chicks. Everything You Need to Know

Baby Chicks. Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to hatch your very own feathered friends in Chapter 4! From creating the perfect brooder box to feeding, caring for, and nurturing your baby chicks, this chapter is your comprehensive guide to growing happy and healthy chickens. Discover the importance of a proper heat source, learn about feeding options, and how to tackle common health concerns. Follow the development of your chicks week by week and discover tips and tricks for introducing them to your existing flock.

Chapter 5: Feeding and Watering Chickens Ultimate Guide

Feeding and Watering Chickens Ultimate Guide

In Chapter 5, we dive into the exciting and crucial aspects of keeping your chickens healthy and happy. This chapter covers everything from balanced chicken nutrition to the types of feed and the importance of grit and calcium for strong shells. We’ll also delve into the fascinating world of fermenting chicken feed and why it’s so important. Keeping your chickens hydrated is just as important as feeding them, and we’ll go over all the best practices and tips for watering your birds. We’ll even talk about the dos and don’ts of treating your chickens, including the treats they love and the toxic treats they should avoid.

Chapter 6: Chicken Health and Hygiene: The Master Guide

Chicken Health and Hygiene: The Master Guide

In Chapter 6 of our guide to keeping chickens, we explore the importance of maintaining the health and hygiene of your flock. From protecting yourself and your birds through regular hand washing and protective clothing, to preventing the spread of disease and keeping your coop spotless, we cover all the essential elements of a cluckin’ good routine. We also dive into identifying the signs of a healthy and happy chicken, as well as common health problems and when to seek veterinary care. Finally, we provide tips on dealing with the inevitable loss of a chicken, including proper disposal and grieving. Get ready to learn how to keep your feathered friends fit and fine!

Chapter 7: Chicken Eggs. The Incredible Edible Egg!

Chicken Eggs. The Incredible Edible Egg!

In Chapter 7, we will explore the science of egg laying, the journey of the egg from chicken to coop, and the behaviors and physical changes you can expect from your hens. You’ll learn about the composition of a chicken egg, factors affecting egg-laying, and the average lifespan of egg-laying in chickens. We’ll also delve into the fascinating behaviors of egg-laying hens and the musical melodies they sing. Finally, we’ll cover everything you need to know about gathering, cleaning, and storing eggs, including tips for keeping them fresh and ways to determine if they are still good.

Chapter 8: Chicken Psychology and Behaviors

Chicken Psychology and Behaviors

Discover the fascinating world of chicken psychology in Chapter 8! Delve into the intelligence and social dynamics of chicken flocks, including the pecking order and the role of roosters. Learn how to decode chicken language and understand common chicken behaviors, from foraging to preening. Find out how to deal with naughty chickens and create a stimulating environment for happy and healthy birds.

Chapter 9: Chicken Shit. Quality, Consistency, Color, Smell

Chicken Shit. Quality, Consistency, Color, Smell

Chapter 9 dives headfirst into the joys of chicken shit and its effect on keeping backyard chickens. We’ll look at the average poop production, the magic of their all-in-one excretion and reproduction orifice, how chicken shit can be used as fertilizer, the different looks and smells, and the perks of composting it. With some simple tips, you’ll be a pro at handling chicken shit, and can even help the environment and your nose.


As seasoned chicken raisers with over 13 years of experience, we have enjoyed raising and caring for countless chickens in our backyard. 

Over the years, we have learned much about raising happy, healthy chickens that provide fresh eggs daily. We have experienced everything from choosing suitable breeds to building coops and providing the proper nutrition.

But most importantly, we have learned that raising chickens can be an enriching experience for the whole family. Watching our chickens grow and thrive has brought us endless joy, and we want to share our knowledge and love for chickens with you. Raising chickens is a valuable and fulfilling experience that can benefit families and their kids.

This guide shares everything we have learned through our years of experience and give you the knowledge and confidence to raise your backyard chickens. 

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