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As a long-time internet clucker, I've searched far and wide for the ultimate resource on chicken care. I'm excited to say I've found my nest home at Not only is their newsletter chock-full of egg-ceptional information, but their witty and egg-citing writing style will have you cracking up while you learn. So don't be a chicken—sign up for their newsletter and start giving your feathered friends the best care possible. Trust me, it's egg-sactly what your flock deserves!


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At Chicken Pets, we're not just here to wing it! Our mission is to rule the roost and help you become the ultimate backyard chicken boss. With our egg-ceptional knowledge and expert advice, we'll help you hatch a plan for raising healthy and happy chickens. Join our flock of cluck-tastic chicken enthusiasts and let's make the world a better place, one egg at a time.

Chickens are the ultimate pets.

Are you considering adding some feathered friends to your backyard? Look no further than chickens - the ultimate pets! Not only do they keep your lawn pest-free, but they also provide fresh eggs every morning and can even lend a helping beak in your gardening. These curious, intelligent, and personality-packed birds are like the Swiss Army Knife of pets - always ready to lend a wing.

Our chicken love story.

We started Chicken Pets to share our love for chickens and help others discover the joy of keeping these amazing creatures as pets. As backyard chicken enthusiasts, we know firsthand how rewarding it can be to have a flock of your own. We're here to help you fall in love with your new feathered family members and experience the joys of raising happy, healthy chickens.

How we can help you with your chickens.

At Chicken Pets, we're here to help you every step of the way on your chicken-keeping journey. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to backyard chickens, we've got all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to raise healthy, happy chickens. From selecting the perfect chicken breeds to building the coop of your dreams, we'll teach you everything you need to know. We'll help you keep your chickens well-fed, well-watered, and well-entertained. And the best part? You'll never feel like a chicken with your head cut off because we've got you covered!

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