We're not your average chicken farmers.

We're the chicken farmers that bring the party to the coop. From hosting chicken themed birthday parties to creating a chicken beauty pageant, we're always looking for new and exciting ways to keep our birds entertained.

Cluck yea!

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

Our mission at Chicken Pets is to cluck-tivate the world, one backyard chicken at a time, by providing the feather-ly knowledge and egg-pertise needed to raise healthy, happy chickens and to build a community of cluck-tastic chicken enthusiasts.

Why chickens are the ultimate pets.

If you're here, you're probably thinking about adding a few feathered friends to your backyard. But let me tell you, you're not just getting any old pets, you're getting the ultimate pets - chickens!

These curious, intelligent, and full of personality birds will not only keep your lawn pest-free but also give you fresh eggs every morning and even help out with your gardening. They're like the swiss army knife of pets, multi-purpose and always ready to help out.

Why we started chicken pets.

That's why we started Chicken Pets - to share our love for chickens and help others discover the joy of keeping these amazing creatures as pets. As suburbanites who have added chickens to our own backyard, we know firsthand just how rewarding it can be. And trust us, you won't regret it. The first time you see your chickens running around your backyard, you'll be hooked.

How we can help.

We're here to help you every step of the way on your chicken-keeping journey. From picking the perfect chicken breeds to building the coop of your dreams, we've got all the tips, tricks, and advice you need to raise healthy, happy chickens. We'll teach you how to keep them fed and watered, how to keep them safe from predators, and most importantly, how to keep them entertained.

Leadership team

The brains behind the beaks.

Get to know the feathery brains behind the operation and find out who's really in charge around here (hint: it's the chickens).

  • Mountain

    The Boss Hen

    The Top Hensh-hen of the flock, and leader of the pecking order. She may be small in size but she packs a big punch with her vocal commands and her ability to lay smaller but mighty eggs. She's been around the block a few days longer than the rest, but she's still as spry as ever.

  • Winter

    The Coop Keeper

    The Feather-ly Second-in-Command and Mama Hen of the flock. She's a California White breed with a small frame, but don't let that fool you, she's packing a punch with her small but mighty eggs. She's always on a mission to keep the flock in line, and make sure everyone is well-fed and cozy. She's always there to tuck the other chickens in at night and make sure they have a good breakfast in the morning.

  • Crowey

    Friendliest of the Flock

    The Fluffy Feathers Friend of the flock. She's a Plymouth Rock breed with beautiful fluffy feathers and a personality to match. She's the friendliest of the flock, and loves nothing more than to be petted and picked up. She's always eager to make new friends, human or feathered, and is known to be the "cuddle bug" of the flock. She's also quite the fashionista, always wearing her bottom feathers like a pair of underwear, making her quite the stand-out bird in the flock.

  • Sunny

    The Chief Treat Thief

    The Curious and Food Stealing Rhode Island Red of the flock. She's a fluffy orangeish-brown bird that loves to steal food and run away with it. She's also very curious and loves to jump up on your leg during feeding time. She's always the first one to investigate anything new, whether it's a new treat or a new person. She's also quite the opportunist, if there's food around, she'll find a way to get her beak on it.

  • Speckles

    The Waddling Wonder

    The Waddling Sussex of the flock. She's a speckled Sussex, and a rescue bird that was bullied when she was younger. But now, she's a part of a loving family and has come out of her shell. She's a real character, with a unique way of running, that's a mix between a waddle and a hop, making her quite the comical sight to watch. Despite her past, she's one of the most friendly birds in the flock, always eager to make friends with her feathered and human family.

  • Easter

    The Beautiful Rooster

    Raised from a chick, he was the apple of our eye until one fateful day, he let out a cock-a-doodle-doo, shattering our world and revealing his true identity as a rooster. We were shocked but proud that our little chick had grown into a handsome bird. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep him due to local laws. We imagine him now living on a local farm where he's the king of the coop and crowing up a storm. We miss him dearly, but we're hopeful he's living his best life.

  • Crow


    Crow was a beautiful baby chick with a heart of gold. A master of the art of cuddling, and a pro at stealing our hearts. She had the misfortune of being too cute for this world, and a hawk took her away from us too soon. We miss her fluffy feathers and her contagious peeps, but her memory lives on in the hearts of all who knew her. Rest in peace, sweet Crow.

Chicken Pets, Backyard Chickens

Cluck Yea!

Explore the wonderful world of backyard chickens.

Welcome to ChickenPets, where we're taking over the universe, one backyard flock at a time! With big plans to be the best chicken-keeping website on the interwebs, we're here to provide you with all the tips, tricks, and knowledge you need to raise the ultimate backyard chickens, without breaking the egg bank.

I never knew keeping chickens could be so egg-siting until I stumbled upon ChickenPets.com. This website is a goldmine for backyard chicken owners like myself. It's like a cluck-ucation center, filled with valuable information that's not only informative but also cluckin' funny. The tips, tricks, and advice on this website are worth their weight in gold. The best part? I can finally stop cluckin' around the internet searching for answers.


CEO at Fowl Play, Inc.

Feathery Photogenic

A selfie gallery of our clucktastic selves.

Hey there fellow chicken enthusiasts, welcome to our feathery photogenic gallery, where you'll get a glimpse of our clucktastic selves. From your top hen, Mountain, to the waddling wonder, Speckles, we've got the whole flock covered. You'll see us in all our feathery glory, showing off our unique personalities, and of course, striking a pose or two for the camera. We may not be able to take selfies with our beaks but our human does a great job on capturing our best angles.

  • The Henhouse Chicken Coop

    The Henhouse Chicken Coop

    Home sweet coop: where the grass is always greener and the eggs are always fresher.

  • Crowey and Sunny enjoying mealworms.

    Feasting with Feathered Friends

    Crowey and Sunny enjoying mealworms.

  • Crowey looking at mealworms with hunger in her eyes.

    Hangry Hen

    Crowey looking at mealworms with hunger in her eyes.

  • The round ball of feathers, molting and grumpy.

    Moody Mountain

    The round ball of feathers, molting and grumpy.

  • Crowey, Speckles, and Sunny standing tall.

    Perch Party

    Crowey, Speckles, and Sunny standing tall.

  • The Hens digging for mealworms and grubs after the rain.

    Worm Wrangling

    The Hens digging for mealworms and grubs after the rain.

  • Crowey taking a break from scratching for worms.

    Relaxed Foraging

    Crowey taking a break from scratching for worms.

  • Sunny looking for a snack.

    Hungry Hen

    Sunny looking for a snack.

  • The Hens digging for worms with our pet human watching.

    Scratching for Snacks

    The Hens digging for worms with our pet human watching.

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