Raising Chickens: What You Need to Buy

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raising chickens what you need to buy

Thinking about raising chickens and becoming the ultimate backyard chicken boss? You’re going to need a few key items to get started on your chicken empire.

This post will give you the rundown on all the must-have chicken gear, including a coop (because chickens can’t just sleep outside, duh), some fancy nesting boxes (for all those eggs), a feeder and waterer (because chickens need to eat and drink, who knew?), some good old chicken feed (to keep those feathered friends healthy and happy), and some bedding (because even chickens deserve a cozy place to sleep).

So grab your wallet and prepare to become the chicken tycoon you were always meant to be!

Aside from the chickens, here’s what you’ll need to invest in.

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The Essential List of Things You Need for a Successful Backyard Chicken Coop.

  • Chicken coop — A secure and weatherproof place for your chickens to sleep and lay eggs.
  • Nesting boxes — A place for your chickens to lay their eggs.
  • A chicken run — An outdoor space for your chickens to roam and get fresh air, separate from their coop.
  • Feeder and waterer — Containers for your chickens to eat and drink from. These that are linked here are perfect and work well.
  • Chicken feed — A nutritious diet for your chickens, including grains, seeds, and supplements.
  • Bedding — Material such as straw or wood shavings to line the coop floor and provide insulation and comfort for your chickens.
  • Chicken wire or fencing — To keep your chickens contained and protect them from predators.
  • Scratch feed — A supplement to their regular diet, made of grains and seeds chickens can scratch and forage for.
  • GritChickens eat small stones to help grind their food in their gizzard.
  • Oyster shell — A supplement to add calcium to your chickens’ diet, essential for strong eggshells.
  • Chicken toys — To keep your chickens entertained and mentally stimulated.

Beyond the Basics — Optional Items to Enhance Your Backyard Chicken Experience.

You’ll need many things to get started, but some optional items can make your chicken-keeping experience even better. Let’s review some things you may want to buy for your backyard chickens.

  • A heat lamp — To provide warmth for your chickens in cold weather.
  • A chicken tractor — A portable enclosure that can be moved around your yard to allow your chickens to forage for insects and scratch for seeds.
  • A chicken waterer heater — To prevent your chickens’ water from freezing in cold weather.
  • A chicken first aid kit — On hand in case of any injuries or illnesses.
  • A chicken book or guide — To help you learn more about caring for and raising chickens.
  • A chicken feather duster — To clean and groom your chickens.
  • Chicken treats — To reward and enrich your chickens’ diet.

Tools and equipment for your chickens.

  • Shovel — To clean out the coop and remove manure.
  • Garden Rake or Pitchfork — Turn over the coop bedding and spread fresh bedding. 
  • Gloves — To protect your hands when handling manure or cleaning the coop.
  • Scissors — To trim feathers or beaks if necessary.
  • Clippers — To trim nails if necessary.
  • Plastic bins or trash bags — To store and transport feed and bedding.
  • Broom and dustpan — To sweep out the coop and keep it clean.
  • A sturdy ladder — To reach the top of the coop for cleaning or maintenance.
  • A wheelbarrow — To move feed, bedding, or manure around the yard.
  • A flashlight — To help you see inside the coop at night or in low light conditions.

Chicken toys that you can buy.

  • Chicken swing — A hanging toy that chickens can peck and climb on.
  • Chicken ladder — A toy that chickens can climb up and down on.
  • Chicken seesaw — A toy that chickens can balance on and push up and down.
  • Chicken ball — A toy that chickens can peck at and roll around.
  • Chicken puzzle — A toy that chickens can solve to get a treat or reward.
  • Chicken mirror — A toy that chickens can peck at and interact with their reflection.
  • Chicken foraging toy — A toy that hides treats or seeds for chickens to find and scratch for.
  • Chicken sandbox — A toy that chickens can scratch in and bury treats in.
  • Chicken grass mat — A toy that chickens can scratch and peck at, and that can help provide additional nutrition through the greens it grows.
  • Chicken rubber boot — A toy that chickens can peck at and play with.
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