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California Chicken Coops. Raising Chickens in California

Do you live in California? Are you considering raising chickens in your backyard? Your clucking search is over! You came to the right place to find chicken coops in California.

A well-designed chicken coop is essential for the health and happiness of your feathered friends. And it’s one of the first things you must purchase when raising chickens in California.

Why raise chickens in California?

Listen up, folks! Have you heard the latest clucking news? People in California are flocking to raise their own chickens faster than a rooster at sunrise! Why, you ask? Because the price of eggs has shot up to a whopping $10 a dozen! Holy cluck!

It’s enough to make even the thriftiest of shoppers faint. But fear not, my feathered friends, because raising chickens in California is the solution! With sunny skies and mild weather, it’s the perfect place to create a cozy California chicken coop and produce fresh eggs for your family. So why not join the clucking craze and get your own feathered egg-laying machines today? Your wallet (and your taste buds) will thank you!

Are you a newbie chicken enthusiast?

Embarking on your egg-citing adventure? Don’t be a chicken and cluck it up! Before you wing it, we suggest you do your homework. Raising chickens in California is not just fresh eggs and $35 avocado toast omelets! Our blog series will give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know before you acquire your chickens.

So, don’t be afraid to spread your wings and read on: Backyard Chickens: The Beginner’s Guide.

Questions you need to answer before shopping for a chicken coop in California.

Feeling egg-cited about raising chickens in California? Before you start flapping your wings and clucking your way to the nearest California coop store, hold your horses! You need to consider some essential questions before shopping for a chicken coop. Trust us, you don’t want to end up with a chicken-mess!

Answering these questions before shopping for a chicken coop in California is important because it will help you choose the proper coop that meets your needs and requirements. And these will be the first questions that coop builders will ask you. So be prepared!

How many chickens do you plan to keep?

The number of chickens you plan to keep will determine the coop size you need. Providing at least 2 to 3 square feet of space per chicken inside the coop and 8 to 10 square feet per chicken in the outdoor run is recommended. If you’re new to raising chickens, 

What is the size of the available space for your chicken coop?

Knowing the available space for the chicken coop will help you choose the appropriate size and design of the coop that fits your backyard. You should also consider the distance from your neighbor’s property line and any zoning regulations.

What is my budget for a chicken coop?

Setting a budget is vital to help you narrow your options and choose a coop that fits your financial resources. Chicken coops can range from a few hundred dollars for a basic, store-bought wooden coop to thousands of dollars for a custom-built chicken castle. 

What kind of climate will the chicken coop be in?

Understanding the climate is vital to choose materials suitable for weather conditions. If you live in an area with cold winters—like the desert or the mountains—you may need to consider insulation or a heating source for the coop. If it gets hot in the summer, you’ll want to provide plenty of water and shade.

What are the zoning laws and permit requirements for backyard chickens in my city or county?

Many cities and counties in California have specific regulations regarding the number of chickens you can keep, coop placement, and required permits. Knowing and following these regulations is essential to avoid any legal issues.

What kind of predators do I need to protect my chickens from in California?

Predators such as raccoons, foxes, and hawks can threaten backyard chickens. It’s important to know what predators to protect your chickens from and take appropriate measures such as fencing or a secure coop design.

What materials do I want my chicken coop to be made of?

Your chosen materials will depend on your budget, climate, and preference. Popular options include wood, metal, and plastic.

What features do I want in my chicken coop, such as nesting boxes, roosting bars, or automatic doors?

Choosing features such as nesting boxes or roosting bars will depend on the number of chickens you plan to keep and their specific needs. Automatic doors can also be a convenient addition to the coop design. A good rule of thumb is one nesting box for every four chickens.

What kind of maintenance will be required for the chicken coop?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your coop clean and prevent the spread of disease. It would be best to clean the coop at least once a week, remove any droppings, and replace the bedding.

How important is the aesthetic appearance of the chicken coop to my neighbors and me?

The appearance of the coop can be important for some backyard chicken owners and their neighbors. A functional and visually appealing design can enhance the overall experience of raising backyard chickens.

Common predators that threaten backyard chickens in california.

California is home to a variety of predators that can threaten backyard chickens. Some of the most common predators in California include:

  1. Coyotes – These wild canines are found throughout California and are known to prey on chickens.
  2. Raccoons – These nocturnal animals are common in urban and suburban areas of California and are notorious for their ability to break into chicken coops.
  3. Foxes – California is home to several species of foxes, including the red and gray fox, known to prey on chickens.
  4. Hawks – These birds of prey are found throughout California and can swoop down to snatch small animals, including chickens.
  5. Owls – Several species of owls are found in California and are known to prey on small animals, including chickens.
  6. Skunks – These small mammals are found throughout California and can threaten chickens, especially at night.
  7. Snakes – California is home to several species of snakes, some known to prey on small animals like chickens.
  8. Feral cats – Unowned domestic cats that live in the wild can threaten backyard chickens.
  9. Domestic dogs – Unsupervised dogs can threaten backyard chickens, especially in rural areas where they may roam freely.
  10. Opossums – These nocturnal animals are common in California and are known to prey on small animals, including chickens.
  11. Rats – Rats are a common problem in California’s urban and suburban areas and can threaten chickens, especially young chicks.

Less common chicken predators in California. Depends on where you live.

  1. Bobcats – These wild cats are found in many parts of California and are known to prey on small animals like chickens.
  2. Mountain lions – Also known as cougars (California has plenty of these—if you know what I mean), these large cats are found in some parts of California and can threaten backyard chickens.
  3. Weasels – These small, carnivorous mammals are found in some parts of California and can prey on chickens.
  4. Bears – While not as common in California’s urban and suburban areas, bears can threaten chickens in more rural areas.

Protecting your chickens from these predators is vital using secure fencing, a well-designed coop, and other deterrents like motion-activated lights or alarms.

Buy chicken coops in California. The basics.

Several options are available for buying a chicken coop in California. Here are some places where you can find run-of-the-mill chicken coops for sale:

  1. Farm supply stores – Many farm supply stores, such as Tractor Supply Co. and Farm & Fleet, sell chicken coops in various sizes and styles.
  2. Online retailers – Online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and yes, even Walmart also offer a wide selection of chicken coops for sale, with many options for different budgets and preferences.
  3. Local classifieds – Check your local classified ads, such as Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace, for listings of chicken coops for sale in your area.
  4. Local backyard chicken groups – Joining a local backyard chicken group on social media or in person can be a great way to discover coops for sale in your area.
  5. Custom builders – If you have specific requirements or unique backyard space, you may want to consider working with a custom chicken coop builder who can create a coop that meets your needs.

Where to buy custom chicken coops in California.

Feeling egg-cited about creating a cozy coop for your feathered friends? You’ve come to the right place, fellow chicken enthusiasts! We scoured the depths of Google to bring you this clucking awesome list of custom chicken coop builders in California.

And hey, if you end up contacting any of these builders, make sure to tell them sent you!

Just don’t expect us to get a cut of the coop… we’re in it for the love of the chickens! So without further ado, here are some of the most egg-cellent custom chicken coop builders in the Golden State!

Company NameLocationWebsite
Mellot Chicken CoopsDescanso, CA (San Diego County)
She Shed Chicken CoopsFallbrook, CA (San Diego County)
Dare 2 Dream FarmsLompoc, CA (Santa Barbara County)
Montecito CoopsLos Angeles, CA
Mill Valley ChickensMarin County (San Francisco Bay Area)
Wine Country CoopsSebastopol, CA (Sonoma County)
Oak Meadows RanchWildomar, CA (Riverside County)
Bay Area CoopsSan Francisco Bay Area

Are YOU a custom chicken coop builder in California?

Hey there, builders of feathered palaces! Do you fancy yourself a master of chicken coop construction? Are you ready to spread your wings and fly into the California chicken coop market? We want to hear from you, oh great builders of the chicken realm!

Cluck your way into the comments below and give us the lowdown on your company name, website, location, and a bit about yourself. Don’t be shy, let your feathers fly!

We’ll add you to the list of the most cluck-tastic chicken coop builders in California! So come on, don’t be a chicken, share your coop-tastic expertise with us!

Note: Your comment will be submitted as pending—it won’t be shared on the site—we’ll get a notification with your info and reach out to verify the details. Cluck-on!

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